FOSSafari ( In Development)

Cross platform free and open source project manager for sharing and building projects.

  • Web apps
  • Mobile APPs
  • Desktop APPs
  • Community Backed by multiple websites/support
  • Offers install guides / Live Support for FOSS 
  • Access to project builders / developers
  • Projects shared with Spiri Seek


Spiri Seek (In development)

Linked-In shares and sells data. Users should have access over what readers see, allowing them to broadcast their art, skills, blog posts, chat posts, etc anonymously.

  • A more encrypted-identity and share info based on a person's interest/request.
  • In the business community, can share ideas
  • List people's skills - Ability to set "Request only" for Readers/Not fully trusted clients
  • List achievements - Ability to set "Request only" for Readers/Not fully trusted clients
  • Resume and Cover Letter uploads - Ability to set "Request only" or "Public"
  • Cover letters - Ability to set "Request only"
  • Attached letters of reccomendations upon request.

Spiri Anonymous (In development)

Secured internet through SSH TCP/UDP Tunneling. See this guide

See our TCP guide

See our UDP guide, especially decent for gamers.

Get lower latency by changing your routing in games

Works on all operating systems. Windows, Linux, iOS, Android. Includes safe mode, and ensures no DNS leaks.

Works with VPN

Can act/replace as VPN

  • Use your devices internet settings to connect through encrypted SOCKS proxy. 
  • Installs no software
  • Can have an installer/manager to configure behavior.
  • Can offer ghost mode (Changes IP every X minutes)
  • Connects to (Example: or
  • DNS for will be custom to return 1 ip address at a time and/or multiple for load balancing 
  • Hosters can affiliate by running a decentralized database of salted usernames and passwords. (Example:
  • Offer decentralized file hosting through IPFS. (Example: Filecoin Decentralized Solutions)

Inactive Development

Telepathy Fast Messaging

An iOS/Android plugin for all messengers that also connects to IRC/other protocols

  • Useful For events, or busy people who have a hard time replying, this messaging offers the person sending a message to a recipient to have pre-set replies that work with in-ear pieces.
  • A sender can send 1: "Do I dim lights" 2: "Dim lights in 5 minutes" 3: "Don't dim lights" or with their voice "Reply Timothy with 'Yes'" or "Reply Staff-Lights In '5 minutes'"
  • Receiver can press earpiece 1-3 times to reply, or have a setting


Spiri Talk

Software for companies to easily setup that allows for decentralized, secure communications.

  • Will come with a plethora of open source chat clients and be completely user and business friendly.
  • The goal is not to rival Slack, but have the ability to configure their own encryption standards, and have feature rich control over their in-house employee/group chat experiences.
  • This will be based on The Inspircd Project and launching their own Chat server with dozens of custom modules already installed.
  • The chat server then hat can link with other existing ones or de-link at will. This way communications/connections are only ever done when they are needed. For privacy reasons, IP addresses will be constantly changing for that server and network.
  • it can also join a decentralized chain and become a part of and build their teams there as well.
  • All teams are communities. All networks host communities.


Spiri Art

  • Community for sharing art with each other.
  • Buy/Sell/Trade
  • +Membership benefits for being a paid Spirilink member


Spiri Music

  • Community for sharing music
  • Buy / Sell / Trade Share with others across communities.
  • Licenses that benefit the userbase, not the company
  • Link with YouTube and Sound Cloud artists through their affiliate programs
  • +Membership benefits for being a paid Spirilink member