Submitted by Spirilink on Thu, 07/19/2018 - 18:50

DNA is the code which patterns the hologram of physical experience. DNA exists in the nucleus of all cells of the body except red blood cells. When the vibrational level reaches a certain level, the crystalline cells fill with light and cause a change in the overall makeup of the human body. This new body is based on the Adam Kadmon lightbody template, which is the original template for the human body before the planet fell into a lower density existence. Some people also call this a regenerated or rejuvenated body, and some call it the rainbow light body.

The codes within the dormant DNA strands have to be activated in order to make the change from carbon based to crystalline based. There are two ways to receive these code activations. The first is to receive light from the photon band which is in alignment with our Great Central sun, Alcyone, in the Pleiades. Alcyone is now in alignment with our sun and the earth. By consciously allowing the energies from our sun via Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) of plasma to enter through our crown chakra we can consciously anchor it into our heart chakra. This has to be a slow process otherwise our bodies would explode apart.

Another way is to receive this code activation from someone who has consciously received the codes and anchored them into their heart. This can be done by either being in that person’s vicinity where their vibration affects the water in the body. The water takes on the vibration which includes the codes. The vibration of the codes reverberates through water and enters the nucleus of the cells. The sound of a person’s voice can also echo into the body’s water which brings the codes into the cells. Some people who consciously do light work will anchor the vibrational codes into their bodies and use their bodies as an antenna or transmitter, and consciously send out the codes in a wave of love to their neighborhood, city, state, country, and planet.

The Adam Kadmon template already exists in the DNA but has been lying dormant in what has been termed “junk DNA” by scientists. Currently humans have two strands of DNA active which give us the hologram of a dense body. When the other ten-plus strands are filled with light, the activation will create a body hologram

Having a perfected DNA template means that the body will remain youthful and will not degenerate or deteriorate. The upgraded human consciousness will be able to heal the body and repair anything that is out of alignment. If a person had a missing limb before regeneration, they would be able to regrow that limb just like a lizard can regrow its tail. This new way of living in the physical will give us a body that is somewhere in between the light body and the dense body that we occupy now. It will take responsibility and awareness to keep it glowing with light.

“The Adam Kadmon begins as a Light Body that is created from divine imprint through the angelic field. This Light body is then integrated with a matter-molecule of part Light and part matter, which we refer to as the M-stra molecule. All humans on this planet contain a seed of the M-stra that in the future will once again become fully realized. The Adam Kadmon then, is not a single Light Being or Race, but a sacred geometry transmitted from the angelic heavens to the matter-world.”

The Light Body of the Adam Kadmon is our pattern for a return home to the greater Light Body of Universal Being. This greater Light Body he refers to as the Asheroth, although he stresses that this is just one of its many names. The Adam Kadmon is the ‘photograph’ of the Asheroth which is encoded hologramically in the Zohar body. The Zohar is the light body that permits the physical system to move into greater dimensions and universes of experience.

We as human beings, contain a hologram of the Adam Kadmon within the cellular interface to our Light bodies. This is the memory of our true Divine form, that will re-activate through the awakening of the M-stra molecule as we assume our roles of Priests and Priestesses of Light within the Universes of God.”

~ Thoth

The Adam Kadmon body allows for the full connection to our true Source which is not possible with the current density body. Currently those who are on the spiritual path are connecting only with that small part of Source that exists within the body. This spark we carry is what causes the heart to beat and the lungs to breathe.  Expansion of this connection through the Adam Kadmon body will allow the completed experience of bringing more of this essence of heaven to earth.