Reality Hacker

Submitted by Spirilink on Mon, 07/02/2018 - 09:48

The intuition of all things, and a deep importance of me wanting to share a look at how I perceive the world. The first thing I was ever interested in was universal laws. The main ones being the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, and law of action. Every decision ever made, even the choices made from our very free will connect with the decisions and consequences of other people's free will; however, through meditation and perfected focus, you can close your eyes on a Sunday morning, create a reality of all possible events in your mind by imagining the very events that took place in your life, and focus strongly on better intentions that would lead to better outcomes. When you open your eyes, it could be a Thursday morning, and everything is different. You're still you, they're still them but the perspective is completely new. There will be little changes here and there, but the reality of everything is different. You keep your memories and experience but a new timeline is created.

You'll know you perfected your focus when you can apply the deep analysis of events in the now, and predicting and visually seeing the outcomes of your actions, as well as others' actions. There's so many 'actions' humans routinely do, and the high level of analysis and past experiences only have so many outcomes.  I call this "the bigger picture" - As everything adds up to only one thing.

You can witness this for yourself, and you don't need to worry. The multi-verse is elastic; all changes are rubber banded back to the timelines in which everybody calls "reality." The truth is, reality is only as real as you make it, and perceive it. Believe.

Understand that there is no past, present, or future. There is a now, and only a now. Time is only a set of reference points, a social human construct with great uses in the modern world. To feel the energy of "now" is to fully understand the nature of relativity.

 For traveling to past events is impossible as an individual. Everything happens at once, and through ascension to your higher self you realize that everything has already happened and you're here to witness it and leave your marks through free will. Modifying the past events is prohibited, however you can send information to your past-selves but this is not something you want to do


In a word, “parallel realities” implies that realities already coexist, right next to each other. In other words, there is no actual time; we simply move from one already-existent universe to another already-existent universe to another already-existent universe, and we do this billions of times each second. In this way, we generate the illusion of movement and space and time and motion and change and so on.

Nothing actually changes, structurally speaking. Everything already exists; everything happens at once; everything exists at once.

Every timeline consists of a sequence of parallel realities that all make sense within that timeline. There are endless timelines, and each timeline consists of billions of parallel realities per second. There are endless timelines with endless stories, each with billions of parallel realities happening each second that are being moved through by Consciousness.

There are infinite parallel realities, and you can connect those already-existing parallel pictures, or realities, in any order you desire. One timeline may never experience certain pictures; another timeline may experience the pictures that the other timeline never experiences.

A timeline consists of many, many, many parallel realities, which are experienced from a certain point of view, in a certain way, in a certain order. There are many, many, many, timelines, each with a different type of sequence of parallel realities that makes sense to that particular timeline.

Timelines can be so “far apart” that one timeline will never be able to even recognize the form and the type of experience that another type of Consciousness out there in the universe may potentially experience. These parallel reality sequences might be of such different perspectives, of such different ways of using the senses of Consciousness, of such different types of vibratory states, that one would simply not recognize the other. In fact, in a sense, we can say this happens all the time, because right now, you are in a particular frequency and you are not recognizing all the other alternate timeline realities that are also available.