Submitted by Spirilink on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 01:45

The vision of Harmony.

If everybody in this world were to be selfless and give to one another, they would all receive the same. Selflessness over selfishness promotes a balance. You only have to give purity and kindness.

Smile at the things that matter, laugh at what doesn't. Remember this always. We're going to apply this to the world.


We can show the world how to earn a smile. Together we can build a global structure so people can keep that smile.  Corruption, oppression, censorship, conquering those things are menial in comparison to the things that are to be overcome. My faith in you us infinite, we are all the key components to true peace, to true happiness, which are human rights. I already know that you all understand that the real world isn't fair. You live in it too.


Things like money, power, recognition, control, are just small variables in a way bigger equation for a far a bigger reward. Seems vague, but what matters most are the Right Core Values, Goals, Structure, Application behind ideas, the simplest of things are what's behind true enlightenment. That is only through knowledge. Do what you love, and be at peace. You are power. I will teach you what real power is. You are in control, you should know that every event in your life, every choice ever made has brought you to where you are now in life. Everything adds up to something. But value where you're going and you'll never be lost. The law of one.


If you want recognition, power, money, freedoms you deserve, it is only earned, but only you can do it.


It all comes with values with actual meaning. Time creates variables that can never change, and there have been many variables hidden from people in time because of oppression, censorship, corruption, and greedy ideology with no real vision. Secret socieities, lies, deceit. many things with conspiracy and contempt we'll never know, but we know exactly what to do. Imagine, create, and innovate.


The key to it all of this is selflessness; the true vision of helping your fellow individuals succeed. In your teams throughout the future you will have to push each other, pick each other up when it gets hard and remember to remind each other that we are above failure, because that is not an option. We were born to be great. We were born to be legendary. Don't ever stop believing that.


Trust in this when I tell you that the reward is not just for us when innovating and creating, the reward is for everybody. Accept your success as you build foundations for others to succeed. Accept your losses, but know that you can not truly fail. It is a moral duty of real leaders to practice this mind-set. Real leaders have vision so they don't make others follow the blind. Remind others of this many times when their vision fades.


The only request is that we do the right thing, the world deserves real beauty, and fairness. To achieve a better balance that ends corruption, censorship, oppression. It's just a small variable in time to a way bigger equation. Let's do it because people deserve real freedom. We'll make great things, I promise you all this. There has already been laid a great foundation for limitless potential.


There's a bigger picture, let's find the puzzle pieces together and make it happen. I'll empower you all with the right energy to do so. I will help with the right structure to apply that energy to everything you all wish to achieve. You will never fail, because when the variables are right,  the equation just won't let you.


Work by the threes.

There are 3 types of people in this world. Those who do things, those who do nothing, and those who wonder what's happening. 

  • Be genuine
  • Strive to make the world better, even if it's your own. We're important too..
  • Be kind.